Art Transforms the Artist

Art Transforms the Artist

Art Transforms the Artist!

Accept an invitation to a focus on the arts: the mysterious and delightful endeavors of expression.

Whether it is cinema, dance, music, visual art, handmade crafts or writing, the creative arts are unsurpassed in their ability to help us connect with each other.

Art can be a symbol of passion, of unity, of faith, hope or even despair, reinforcing the bonds with our fellow human beings. Creativity is a constant, enchanting reminder of our amazing existence on earth. Through art, we can view the world as our neighbors see it, which brings us closer together.

The practice of any art form teaches patience, humility, confidence and joy. At first, we practice the patterns of those who have come before, such as Michelangelo, Austen, Mozart and Balanchine. While exploring the techniques of the masters and channeling their vision, there comes a flash of inspiration (the breath of creativity). At once, we ourselves become pioneers and creators.

Unlike work that has rigid standards and expected results, artistic expression can open the mind to endless possibilities. As we progress and excel, we often feel fewer limitations. We can carry this limitless viewpoint with us, then, into other parts of our lives. The arts make us more open minded—less likely to judge.

Seeing children explore art is especially rewarding as it shows us how, in our adult lives, we may be restricted by old habits or have put up barriers without really remembering why. Studying art at college can be a short-term affair or a lifelong quest. Once you start, it’s easy to become absorbed by the culture of expression, and to become energized by the exquisite talents of others. Most colleges offer both credit and non-credit classes in art, as well as degrees. Introductory courses let you explore a variety of creative forms and media.

Isn't it time you met the artist within?

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