AP Chem - Mounting Effects

AP Chem - Mounting Effects

AP Chem - Mounting Effects

The A.P. test for chem is Monday, so today was spent in hurried fashion, trying to cram as much knowledge and as many formulas as would fit into a few hours. The overall feel was relief for most of the students today. It would seem that a great portion of their fears was rooted in their low confidence about their memories of the material. Well, today proved to them that they actually knew their stuff.

The main focus of today's lessons was to get the students to focus on the main concept within each question, whether it be multiple choice or free response, and address that concept first. Any tangential concepts were only addressed should they provide direct support for the main concept. Otherwise, they were ignored. This sort of focus helped them to realize that as long as they focused on one thing, they could get the answer rather quickly.

The human brain is a fickle beast. We must treat it properly else we be denied access to its archives. Learning how to focus conceptually, is one key to accessing that knowledge. Good luck to everyone taking the A.P. Exams the next two weeks.

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